Joel is quite hard work at the moment. He can climb on to sofas now but hasn’t worked out how to climb down safely. He is totally determined to open the oven (it’s design means it can’t have a lock on it) and every day we go through the routine of a firm “no” and a tap on the hand. He then sits on the floor and cries, then gets up and goes straight back to the oven with a big grin on his face and opens it again! Over and over! He also hates to be strapped into his highchair and cries if I don’t let him climb out. But he is eating more now. He seems to prefer warm food. Before, breakfast and lunch were usually cold so he was only eating his tea. Which is funny because the other 2 were always happy to eat cold food.

In between all this he plays very happily alongside Benjie and Isaac and loves to throw/drop things over and over with lots of giggles.He sleeps through the evening now and probably wakes up only once or twice in the night.

not doing too well with this camera. we took it to granny’s yesterday and left it behind. so it will be another 3 weeks before we can put any pictures up!

Joel has his 8th tooth just coming through, and is just starting to stand on his own, and has discovered he can climb stairs.

This morning Benjie disappeared downstairs to continue work on a railway track, and Isaac lay in bed chatting and singing in the dark until I went and got him up. They then played peacefully for the rest of the day. I asked Benjie mid-morning if he wanted to go out for a bike ride but he said he just wanted to stay and play all day. J and D came to visit in the afternoon and Benjie and J built a zoo with the bricks and ark animals.

I weighed Joel today. He has reached the 25th centile. Still a long way to go, but at least heading in the right direction! He’s being such a Daddy’s boy, very much as Benjie was. He bounces with excitement when Matt comes home and crumples if he goes out of the room.

Benjie was looking at a picture of a goods train today and said the truck contained “gravel – for making gravity boots” !!

Organization and first word

I’m working on it – organization that is. Am developing a routine of preparing the next day’s meals the night before, which makes things much easier. Matt has put together an mp3 CD of sermons by favourite preachers for me to listen to while I’m cooking, so I’m enjoying my evenings in the kitchen. I also cleared the desk yesterday and caught up with filing today.

All is well with the children. We’re not getting out so much now it is so cold – just brief half hour trips to the local play area – but the boys are just totally absorbed in building railway tracks for as many hours as they are left undisturbed. Benjie’s tracks are quite complex now – he’s particularly liking spiral patterns. I would put some photos up of them, but that will have to wait until we buy a digital camera ( January sale plan) . My phone – camera won’t talk to my computer, and now Matt has changed jobs we no longer have his laptop to act as a go between. So text only until January…..

This evening as Matt and I were calling to Isaac Joel very definitely also said “Isey”