Summer again

We  seem to have missed an entire winter on the blog. But summer is here again, and all our favourite bits – camping, sailing, kayaking, regattas…..and home just becomes a base in which to rinse out and dry sailing gear and pack picnics and rucksacks for the next day.

We also have 3 boys taking some gcses this month and we’re busy emptying our loft and trying to be ready for our extension which we hope will begin in July.

Ben is a year into his furniture making course, and will be away most of the summer teaching sailing at various places. Isaac should be coming to the end of his ICT Btec at college, and the others are still home based in their education.

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A few pictures below from the green woodworking workshop at this year’s home-ed camp  (based in Norfolk) and finding newts and frogs in the nearby  pond.






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