Out and about

Mip at this weekend’s Sea Cadet regatta. JJ and Bee were there too. (and Matt in his role of mini-bus driver and cook). Clacton unit brought home the London Area Feva trophy and the London Area Annual Sailing Trophy.

Multi tasking – reading while washing up.

At this year’s history re-enactment home-educator day at Kentwell Hall.


And picnicking at Sudbury  water meadows. We had a lovely walk while we waited for Mip who was taking his first gcse physics paper. Bee also had his first maths paper this week.



A Ratty and Mole picnic

This was two weekends ago. For some reason the Wind in the Willows picnic was mentioned in the morning, and so Bear was inspired to create our own version. We went up the Roman river in the canoe, 3 kayaks and using the Mirror as a rowing boat. She had packed tablecloths in the hamper along with coldbeefcoldhamhomemadesourdoughbreadscotcheggssaladpicledonionscheeseslemonadehomemadefruitcakehomemadeapplepiewithcream….

And then afterwards there was swimming and general messing about in boats.

All lovely.

A bit more summer

Some mixed weather this week, but we’ve managed to put a few bits of sailing in.  Last Sunday was a club race and Matt and JJ went out in the Wayfarer while Bee was on safety boat duty. Then on Tuesday I organised some sailing for 3 other home-ed families on Nancy Blackett. Bee was mate for the day (he qualified over the Easter holidays) and Roo joined the afternoon sail while the rest of us pottered around Pin Mill for the day. It was lovely to introduce some other families to the Nancy Blackett Trust and it was a beautiful day  – I somehow didn’t remember to take any photos.

(above – at Castle Park after swimming lessons)

I also didn’t take any photos on Friday, when I took Roo and A to Birch Hall for a home-ed group. This week they were sailing on Secret Water (Hamford Water) and again the weather was lovely. They also saw seals while they were out.



And then today was the joint sailing club and canoe club outing down the river. The oldest 2 are away this weekend on part 2 of their marine engineering course but the rest of us went in the Wayfarer and Mirror. This was probably the longest sail the smallest has done.

These last 2 photos were taken some weeks back when we suddenly had a few hot days, and Bee and I took the girls out rowing at Dedham .

Other snippets…..A has joined the new Woodland Folk group here and is enjoying it so far. She even stayed there without me this week. She has also started swimming lessons and has lost her first tooth. Bear has passed her grade 2 ballet and Joel his grade 3 violin.