Been a long time – so a big update

JJ has been along to the local chess club quite a bit recently and has very much become a part of it – though he drinks lemonade instead of beer. The games are getting increasingly close, with visible relief from the adults who beat him – they all seem to think they won’t be winning for much longer.

Sea Cadet Area Sailing Regatta – three oldest went and sailed.

And our unit (and the Pearsons) came away with a few medals.

Bee has had an involvement in making a model plane for the BMFA payload challenge, so we went to the competition weekend and stayed in our new Bell Tent. On the way we visited Wimpole Hall & Home Farm

Here is the team having a breakfast briefing, with the plane Bee was involved in the background. They won their part of the competition, because the others (from China) crashed – from past experience they had made theirs very robust and repairable just in case, but they didn’t crash.

This time the Sea Cadet competition is the Junior sailing Regatta, which was on the same day as the Windsurfing Regatta.

So, we have the previous year’s winner and this year’s!

We’ve tried some swimming in the river recently, and have enjoyed being pushed about by the tide. Thanks to Mark for the body board.