Home-ed and picnics

Last week involved a lot of picnics. On Wednesday I took my older ones and a friend up to Ipswich for their monthly home-ed session run by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and so the littlies and I went to much-loved Pin Mill for a picnic.
Thursday was our local home-ed bimble (inc picnic) in the woods.
Friday our home-ed group had tickets for about 60 of us at the Schools Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall. I went with Bee, JJ Bear and Roo – this was something new as the smallest can now be left at home with Matt for a day. Usually Matt does trips to London and I stay home to babysit. Anyway, we had a tour in the morning, picnicked on the steps by Albert’s statue, and then the concert in the afternoon (complete with laser lighting, canons, and fireworks). And to make the day even more special we had been put in our own private box for 5!


Saturday we were back on the train, this time all of us going to the Cambridge Science Festival, and again I was able to go into some of the lectures while Matt looked after the 2 smallest. Everyone enjoyed it, but perhaps especially JJ who came out of his maths lecture on fractals just glowing! It was nice to be back there. (picnic outside the Babbage lecture theatre, in the drizzle)


Today was another picnic day, only we discovered at lunchtime that we had left the picnic at home. It was the first session of the John Muir Trust award with the local home-ed group. Tree identification, bark rubbing, tree height estimation, and weaving amongst other things. Then a quick stop to shop for replacement picnic supplies and on to play board games at the library with home-ed friends.
Climbing clubs this evening at the university, chess club afterwards for JJ at a local pub, and everyone else is flopped watching HMS Pinafore.


Roo, with his fractal-inspired magnetix pattern.





PIMG_5002Photos taken on walks taken over the Christmas holiday week. Maldon, Mersea, Flatford Mill (with friends) and Brightlingsea.

I’m attempting to revive the blog – so much is going unrecorded but life is going at such a pace that it’s hard to stop and put it on the blog.

This weekend  – Matt and Ben spent Saturday at Fellowship Afloat, a Christian-run sailing and activity centre just down the coast at Tollesbury. Ben is hoping to volunteer there and this was their start-the-season weekend for volunteers. Ben and Mip had a Sea Cadet competition (drill and piping) on Sunday, but the rest of us went back to Fellowship Afloat for the morning meetings and for lunch. It was lovely meeting some of the people who work there now, and some who began it all 50 years ago, all with an interest in sailing.

They also have a climbing wall which the children enjoyed and we walked along the edge of the marshes. It’s a beautiful place, and at least one of my Grandfather’s old barges is “retired” in the mud there.