Royal Oak

We stopped at Boscobel House on the way to Cefn Lea. We’ve used our English Heritage and National Trust memberships a lot this summer to break up a journey. The baby doesn’t particularly like travelling, so when she wakes up we quickly search for a nearby EH or NT place to stop. This time it was a visit to the Royal Oak where Charles II hid.


Our last week at Ashton

Last church gathering at Ashton

Just us and the house

The penultimate day friends came and spent the day with us. It was beautifully hot and the day had a magical rhythm. Children moved from games of tennis to exploring the rifle range to cooler games inside. Grown ups chatted under the tree, cooked meals, wandered off to take photographs, and drove the jeep along muddy farm tracks! It was our house at its best and made it hard to leave…..


We have a whole summer to catch up on, but we can’t get the photos up yet. Soon, I hope…

Earlier this week I decided I should start to encourage some cooking. So one day I showed Bee how to make rock cakes, and this morning I made a fruit bread with Mip. This afternoon I took the 3 littlest into town with me for an hour, and came home to discover Bee and JJ had a cherry loaf cake all ready in the mixer with a tin buttered and waiting. All they needed was the almond essence which they hadn’t found. So we finished mixing, baked it, and had a very delicious cake for tea.