Over a month since the last post!

The first week a bug went around, the following (Jubilee) weekend we had friends from Bournemouth, and others, here to stay. So there were 24 of us here, plus “day visitors”, taking us up to 36 on one of the days. It rained for most of the weekend, so it was a chaos of wet clothes and shoes, non-stop meal prep,and lots and lots of conversation, discussion, singing, children (16 of them), and cups of tea.

The weekend camp just before the rain….

Tents drying out in the kitchen after the weekend. We hardly took any photos – I will try and borrow some…

We had chaffinches nesting in the rose bush outside our front door. One day Matt found one of the babies on our landing, so we gently took it back outside.

Church last weekend.


As above.

Mip and baby sister.

Mip’s first composition. (date and tick added by his piano teacher!)

And the other weeks have been taken up with house hunting as we have to leave here by end of July. We have a house to rent now in Bedford. It’s quite a bit bigger than this one, but doesn’t come with several large fields and a rifle range next to it. So more indoor space but much less outdoor space. Plus people, traffic, street lights, shops.

Not sure what else we have done. The children have started German lessons (until we move), we all went to a birthday party today, we’ve (finally) finished Secret Water, Matt and the boys are endlessly doing number puzzles, The Hobbit has been re-read, Beth has learned to ride a bike, Anna has been for her first ride in the bike buggy, and Roo has disovered Billy and Blaze books and requests the whole series every day. And of course lots of preparations for the up-coming move.