This week we’ve finished reading Around the World in 80 Days. (Secret Water still going..)

We’ve watched The 2000 Year Old Computer about the Antikythera device (amazing!) and Metal Works, on the production of armour.

We’ve played…railways, duplo.

This week is a bit hazy now. Matt has been for some long bike rides with Bee, Mip and JJ, and Granny came to visit one day. Plus a day at the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge to see some French Impressionists ,some armour, and ancient Greek and Egyptian stuff. And then Belton House today, using our National Trust membership.

We had a lovely tour of the basement and servants working areas, by Alan who was assuming the character of the Butler.

Belton has a very good play area. A particular favourite was the tube slide, which everyone played on for quite some time.

Earlier this week we went to The Fitzwilliam Museum.

I loved Roo’s new word this week – a car take-awayer (car transporter)

Isaac at Belton House play area…

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