Birthdays and more…

Justine’s birthday

Roo’s Birthday

And JJ’s birthday

A model Bee created, possibly a nursery school for the animals. The lamb has a table with drawing paper and pencils. The panda may be eating bamboo.

There were a few weeks where JJ’s whole menagerie had to be given breakfast before he joined us at the table. Yes, the Panda isn’t a Pooh character, but is much loved by JJ – he is eating bamboo/pencils. So, every morning Pooh is given a pot of honey, Tigger extract of malt, piglet a pot of haycorns/marbles and for some reason Rabbit has jam and Kanga a tin of sardines(?!).

Making Dodo’s out of paper. An A0 sheet of paper was created for the Daddy of these.

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