today included….

…..(after a late start as Matt decided pancakes were needed for breakfast)

  • some watching of the Periodic Video clips Matt and the boys like
  • my usual reading time with them (Black Beauty, Debussy in our orchestra book, and harp and piano from another)
  • Bee’s reading book (still working through the Billy and Blaze books) and JJ’s (Fox in Socks)
  • Bee’s copywork (he has a notebook for copying out a few lines of a poem or story each day)
  • another periodic table clip about snow.
  • Matt started the Kitchen Chemistry set (present for Bee from great grandparents). pH testing (milk, lime juice, bicarbonate of soda, soap, etc) and using beetroot cooking water as an indicator.
  • Matt’s reading – All Sail Set and some Uncle Remus. ¬†finished Building Big. started The Abacus (Jesse Dilson)
  • JJ played battleships with me.
  • Bear did maffs at intervals through the day.
  • Settlers of Catan – Matt, Bee and Mip.
  • mending of stereo – Matt and boys.


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