today included….

…..(after a late start as Matt decided pancakes were needed for breakfast)

  • some watching of the Periodic Video clips Matt and the boys like
  • my usual reading time with them (Black Beauty, Debussy in our orchestra book, and harp and piano from another)
  • Bee’s reading book (still working through the Billy and Blaze books) and JJ’s (Fox in Socks)
  • Bee’s copywork (he has a notebook for copying out a few lines of a poem or story each day)
  • another periodic table clip about snow.
  • Matt started the Kitchen Chemistry set (present for Bee from great grandparents). pH testing (milk, lime juice, bicarbonate of soda, soap, etc) and using beetroot cooking water as an indicator.
  • Matt’s reading – All Sail Set and some Uncle Remus. ¬†finished Building Big. started The Abacus (Jesse Dilson)
  • JJ played battleships with me.
  • Bear did maffs at intervals through the day.
  • Settlers of Catan – Matt, Bee and Mip.
  • mending of stereo – Matt and boys.


IMG_3616.JPG IMG_3618.JPG

Burning wood at the weekend to tidy up the garden. Castle picture taken by Bee.

IMG_3626.JPG IMG_3630.JPG

Out before breakfast for the first snow of the year. Maths around the kitchen table. What happened to this unschooling family?!! What happened was that Matt found a free downloadable Maths curriculum on an HE blog and thought JJ would think it fun. Actually they all seem to like it and Bear had to have some printed out too – though hers is mostly colouring. This morning, straight after breakfast, she asked “can I do my maffs now?”

A book catch-up

Matt has finished The Hobbit, The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin, and Take Command, Captain Farragut! All much enjoyed, and recommended. I have finished Heidi, We didn’t mean to go to Sea, and we’ve started Black Beauty. Bee is still reading a page of Billy and Blaze each day. And we’re re-reading Big Tree at Bee’s request. And learning a few Winnie-the-Pooh poems.

img_3608.jpg img_3606.jpg

Felted soaps made today with a home ed. group.

Isaac hoovering the kitchen. After listening to the hoover for 5 mins I went to investigate…..

img_3603.jpg img_3602.jpg

We did some marbling last week. (makes good wrapping paper)

Bear and Roo reading together.

img_3599.jpg img_3583.jpg




Cuisenaire rods.

Roo at our local Country Park.