Conker Championship

We had to go to the World Conker Championships as they were almost on our doorstep. In fact someone once said to me when I menioned where we lived – “O is that where the World Conker Chamiopnships are?”

Image0136 Image0139

The children’s championship. I’ll have to teach ours to play before next year. And ours sampled the free face painting.

Image0137 Image0141

Panda, Tiger, Cheetah, Bear.

Image0142 Image0143

Image0145 Image0146

The guide dogs were there and JJ was led around a course by one, including going into some of the obstacles, but perhaps that may have been JJ not holding things as he was meant to.


Finally these are the children drinking nettle tea that we made outside on our fire.

Local history afternoon.

Image0131 Image0132

A very jolly man helped the boys to do archery. Bee and I (Matt) popped the most balloons of all the people there so we had a shoot off as a ‘final’, where we drew again.

Image0134 Image0133

Some of the techniques in the archery were a little unorthodox – especially JJ. There was also armour to try on and talk about, plus a storyteller. All in all, it was a very lovely afternoon of chatting to the people there.

Fineshade Woods


img_3561.jpg img_3565.jpg

We spent Tuesday afternoon at Fineshade woods. We spent some time on tree identification, followed by some time in the coffee shop on cake identification.

Today seemed to mostly involve laundry, a small amount of reading, lots of chess, and a visit to a friend’s (Bee and Mip) to play Settlers of Catan.