A brief catch up

We finally finished Minn of the Mississippi – it felt like a bit of a long slog, and I’m not sure that much was taken in, but Bee wanted to finish it…

We’re still going on Heidi. Minn has been replaced by a fairly standard Living World book, which has some human biology I want to look at with them. And we’re doing a book we picked up from Cefn Lea – Story of the Orchestra. Matt is reading The Hobbit with them.

A medieval weekend – a trip to the museum on Saturday with its medieval focus, and then on Sunday Matt took them to Prebendal Manor for archery, quill pen writing, trying-on of armour and badge-making. (?)

This week we’ve spent a lovely afternoon at Hammerton zoo and today went on a scavenger hunt with the home-ed group at Ferry Meadows, plus picnic.

Bee and Mip continue with their swimming class, and JJ has also started in the frogs class. He is really excited about this, and tells me swimming is like riding a bicycle in the water. But he thinks it is funny to pedal off to the deep end, so his teacher has to keep retrieving him….

Roo really turned a corner in August. From being a very easily upset baby, who couldn’t be left without me, and mostly just looked anxious, he has suddenly become sunny and cheerful and finds life full of fun. He’s starting to talk, laughs lots, loves play dough and puzzles and plugs (he spends his day at the moment taking the hoover or the electric whisk from one socket to the next…). It’s almost like having a different baby. But we are very glad to see him happy. And it also means I can put a bit more time into the others – poor JJ and Bear haven’t had much reading time this last year.

Matt , Bee and Mip have been playing Settlers of Catan, and the boys have been playing various Top Trumps games. As always there are so many potential things to do and not enough days to do them in….

(I think Matt forgot to mention he has also been to Australia this summer. Which may have something to do with not seeming to get so much done recently.)

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