It’s been such a long time since I’ve jotted down what we have been reading that I’ve lost track. However, we have recently finished Along Came a Dog (Meindert Dejong) and Pagoo (Holling C Holling) and we have just started Heidi and Minn of the Mississippi (also Holling).And several Haffertee books! Poems have included a snippet from The Pied Piper,the beginning of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, W H Davies’ What is this Life? Milne’s Halfway up the Stairs. We don’t always learn them perfectly, but well enough so that we can remember it between us all. The boys are reading Tin Tin in their own reading times. Matt is still on We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea.

Kelmarsh History Festival

img_3443.jpg img_3438.jpg

Spent today at Kelmarsh History of festival. There was a lot going on and I don’t think we actually covered very much of it, but we saw a lot of history (mostly battle) re-enactments.

img_3434.jpg img_3433.jpg

These pictures are from a series of demonstrations showing the development of the British Army from the time of Cromwell and the first Red Jackets through to WWII.

img_3420.jpg img_3416.jpg

Everyone was dressed in very detailed costumes and all demonstrated the firing of their various weapons. We also watched jousting and knights fighting.

img_3408.jpg img_3407.jpg

We did a bit of wandering between the tents of the living history displays, but decided afterwards that we should have done more wandering and looking at the smaller things that were going on.

img_3400.jpg img_3395.jpg

The Romans were there in force, with a whole Century of men demonstrating their weapons (including some of the larger siege weapons) and tactics. There was loads to see and we look forward to next year.

Green Jackets Advancing (sort of)

The Green Jackets are advancing with the rest of the British line and just as they get into their stride attacking the French cannon they are told to back off as it is about to be fired. They retreat a bit and try to make it look like they are meant to be there, then they retreat further. After firing, one of the French men can be seen waving them in as all is safe now.



The afternoon was spent at Shotley, with Felixtowe and Harwich across the water, as this is the next stage in We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea. We watched a couple of boats coming into Shotley marina through the lock, (continuing the Arthur Ransome theme, as 1 was called Nancy Blackett)

Flatford Mill

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We camped for the night, and Jay joined us. It rained in the morning (after 2 months of dry weather!) but by the time we reached Flatford Mill it was clearing. We began with a restorative coffee and cake in the NT coffee shop, where the ducks wander in and clear up the crumbs from the floor. Then Matt, Jay and the children spent some time rowing towards Dedham and back while Roo and I went for a walk. And we finished with a look at the mill pond and Willy Lott’s cottage, the scene of the Hay Wain.

img_3378.jpg img_3376.jpg

Pin Mill

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img_3370.jpg img_3374.jpg

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We’ve just been for a 2 day holiday in Suffolk. We wanted to take the children to see Pin Mill after reading We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea, and we wanted to try out camping for a night. We spent an hour or so at Pin Mill the first afternoon, noting The Butt and Oyster pub and Alma Cottage (in pink). We looked at barges, and the children paddled in the streams which run around the green. It was lovely.