A nice day at the ‘Gardens of Surprises’ in Stamford with Granny. Roo loved playing with the large playing pieces for the five mens morris game.

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Mip enjoyed every moment possible to experience things at the garden, which mostly meant getting wet in the fountains.

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current books – I’m reading My Season with Penguins, an Antarctic Journal by Sophie Webb. Matt is reading The Kidnapped Prince – the Life of Olaudah Equiano by Equiano, adapted by Ann Cameron. He’s also reading lots of Asterix with them, and has just finished The Horse and his Boy by CS Lewis.

We’ve memorised 2 Wordsworth poems (It is the first mild day of march, and the 1st verse of daffodils)

JJ continues with his enthusiasm for numbers. He came to me one afternoon and told me there were 2 ways of getting pi on the calculator. You could press the pi button, or you could put in 3.141592654. I checked and he really had learned pi to 9 decimal places. Later it occurred to me that he doesn’t know what pi actually is, so we spent some time measuring circumferences and areas. Matt has now printed out pi to about 570 decimal places and stuck it all around his bed….

We’re loving the space and freedom here. Although the garden itself is “only” about 0.15 of an acre, with all the space in front of the house the children have several acres to play in.

Roo took his first steps last week. He’s still mostly crawling, but does a few steps every now and then.

We’ve been watching a Planet Earth episode each week recently, and some Ray Mears. Also a Monty don green woodworking episode, and a programme on building a house out of wood.

Every window sill has seedlings growing on it, and there are willow weaving projects beginning on the front lawn. We saw roe deer out of the window one morning, and have listed about 15 species of bird seen here so far. We have a very adventurous hen who escapes several times a day or flies up to the kitchen roof (despite clipped wing).


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photos. 1. 5 children flopping in front of Ivor the Engine

2.Bee, Mip and Bear out digging with some new garden tools a friend brought for Bear yesterday.

3. Bear insisting she was suitably dressed to go for a walk in sleep suit and sandals!

4. Roo’s 1st birthday