Bee is helping put up fence posts for the fencing in of our chickens whilst the rest of the garden is done. After being fenced in one of our Light Sussex (white and black speckledy) hens died. We think this is Impacted Gizzard from eating too much long grass, so we are cutting it all down.


M and Bee in front of the fire making whistles from elder. Mostly involving vaguely authentic woodcraft with just a knife, but with the loppers to help where needed. M split and then badly split Bee’s first attempt (a reminder of Grandad pushing together Lego models to make them ‘stronger’), but soon a lovely whistle was completed. Now Bee wants to make a birch bark container like M has started!

img_3236.jpg img_3235.jpg

Wood Fuel Fair

We went back to the Wood Fuel Fair for a second day as Bee had enjoyed it so much the previous day. This time we had a chance to see the horse in action pulling wood along. They use it for places where they can’t get a tractor in or where there are ‘sensitive’ areas.

Image0032.jpg Image0031.jpg

In the photos above see if you can spot the fish that Bee made at the willow weaving tent.

Image0029.jpg Image0028.jpg

Bee had a lovely time doing green wood carving with Ian from Funky Munkey. Bee made a mallet and carried it everywhere with him for the day. Now I’ve got to work out how to do some things with him.

We also went back to the survival training as it had made quite an impact on Bee. It was lovely to have just the one child to focus on for a trip out, especially as it was clearly something that was having a real impact on him.

Survival at Wood Fuel Fair

I (Matt) took Bee and JJ to the Wood Fuel Fair. The highlight of the afternoon was going to the area where there were some people from Elite Survival Training. They were talking about all sorts of things to do with survival and very patiently helped Bee to start a fire using a Magnesium fire lighter, some cotton wool and birch bark. JJ is completely into the idea of birch bark being a material that can achieve anything, so this was a hit with him. The fire started on the third attempt. Then they told us about all sorts of other survival gear. We will probably go back tomorrow to see some of the green wood carving.




Sowing this year’s seeds. The Veggie patch is 2/3 dug, and yesterday Matt started building a chicken wire fence around it. The seeds came from http://www.realseeds.co.uk/

img_3194.jpg img_3193.jpg

And yesterday we went to Fineshade Woods. Matt, Bee and Mip went to a talk on Red Kites while I took the littlies for a walk in the Wood.

img_3190.jpg img_3188.jpg img_3187.jpg

On Friday we went to Hammerton Zoo – we’ve bought a year’s membership.


The boys continue to read Asterix fairly constantly. Mip is also loving Our Island Story on CD. We are re-reading ‘Ice Story’ (Shackleton) and so have watched ‘March of the Penguins’ and ‘Planet Earth’ on ice. Also reading ‘Mountain Man and the President’ by David Weitzman. Trying to learn a few Wordsworth poems. ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ on CD from library has been much listened to. They are still enjoying Ray Mears on DVD. JJ is having a drawing phase. Bee is French Knitting.