Now we have Six!

The two chickens we have are doing well and laying regularly. They have been named Elizabeth and Victoria. Bee is being wonderful about looking after them.

Spent Saturday at Duxford (Imperial War Museum). Read a David Weitzmann book on the way about the Curtiss JN4-D airplane, which was a lovely story.

Today M & boys went to poultry show and came home with more chickens (1 cockerel Ixworth (Richard), 1 hen Ixworth (Lady Jane Grey), 2 hens Light Sussex (Anne and Mary)). On arriving home the two Light Sussex escaped from the box whilst chickens were being moved to the coop, so a chase ensued. Quite fun trying to work out how to ’round up’ a chicken and not scare it. We may have to explain about cockerels and hens fairly soon.

We’ve started a chicken account book for some practical maths with the boys.

We ran out of oil earlier in the week, so the only heating in the house is the open fire in the playroom. Plenty of wood around a most of our trees were chopped down earlier in the week.

Mip & Bee enjoying Asterix. M is reading it to them and then Mip is reading it to Bee as well.

M has just finished Danny Champion of the world with them.

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