Hello Chicken

On Saturday we built the Chicken Ark and went to buy some (two for now) chickens. Bee is very interested in them and is always out first thing in the morning to let them out of their house into their run. In a couple of days we will also let them roam the garden, so I’ll put up some photos of them then. Probably also put up pictures of the new trampoline too, but not both at once, I’m told that chickens aren’t keen on trampolines (also told they are fun to watch on a swing)!

img_3144.jpg img_3141.jpg

Bear had her birthday a couple of weeks ago.


We are very much settled in to the new house. It is nice having a playroom that is so close to the kitchen. The duplo is being well used and producing a lot of ship models as always.

img_3146.jpg img_3145.jpg

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