Life feels as if it is settling back into a recognisable shape, though it has taken a good 6 months. Mornings we spend at home and read, and afternoons we are out and about. This afternoon we went to visit friends who have just moved out to a very lovely village, so we pottered around admiring cottage gardens in the autumn sunshine. We’ve spent quite a few afternoons at Ferry Meadows, and even ventured down to Cambridge one day to visit with friends from many years back.

We’re continuing with Paddle-to-the-sea and Mary Jones and her bible, and then a selection of read-in-one-sitting books each day. Last weeks post included David Weitzman’s Thrashin’ Time, which Matt is reading with them (and is as stunningly illustrated as his books always are), Lucy’s Summer (another Donald Hall/Michael McCurdy), and a story CD with Follow the Drinking Gourd read by Morgan Freeman. The boys have several similar “underground railroad” stories which they like, and listen to this new one over and over.

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