Building Project

We’ve started a new Teifoc building. This time it is a castle. We’ve had a few sessions at it so far. Everyone wants to be a part of it, and all of the children (except baby Roo) are laying bricks. Bee is getting quite proficient with it all now. The photos below show our progress – a few more photos on flickr (see the bar on the right).


Then below a few days later…


We’ve recently finished reading the biography of Louis Braille and The Big Tree (story of a Giant Redwood). Matt has also read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to them. And we are re-reading We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea and Matt is reading the photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison. Bee has requested re-reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, then after that he wants Prince Caspian.

Back to the Trains


Went to the little trains today. We had collected up our 4 books worth of tickets and could go for a day of free riding. The children enjoyed it. I think JJ is the one who is the most into trains right now. He runs around the grass next to the track after every train. He gets a good bit of exercise that way and is very fast.