The very recently patchy blog isn’t for lack of activity, just lack of time on the computer. So a few lines of catch-up, before starting the discipline of blogging again. Recent books – Mr Popper’s Penguins, biographies of Alexander Graham Bell, William Wilberforce, and Ernest Shackleton . The Borrowers Afield and Dr Dolittle are both under way.

Bee continues to draw ships and maps. JJ continues to count, preferably in 10s, 100s, 2s or 5s. Yesterday morning at breakfast it occured to me that he would enjoy the pattern of the 11 times table. I went up to 110 for him, and he paused and then said “but Mummy, I’ve already counted in 11s” which he then did, but going up to 132 for me. He is starting to speak in numbers too, counting to 6 for “no” and 20 for “yes”. And not surprisingly he’s spending lots of time in his dot-to-dot book. Bear has a passion for giraffes, pronounced “darfey”. Mip also draws lots, and does everything that Bee does. He has started to work out reading, and is interested in Robin Hood, so that will be next on the reading list.
They have all learned to play battleships recently, and have been playing with some new electronics kits Matt bought.

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