Zero Thousand

We were heading out to the farm yesterday and while we were still at home JJ started running up and down the house counting. He has done this a few times recently. The run is half way between a run and a skip, he is obviously enjoying it. Anyway, he counts as he goes and has frequently counted through to a hundred doing this. However a few days ago he started flicking through thick books and reading the page numbers (see previsou video post), it was by this method that he taught himself to get to much higher numbers. He’d got through a few hundred when we got in the car and I made sure to tell him that after 999 comes one thousand.. So he carried on counting out loud (for about 15 mins of the journey) and duly arrived at 999. His next number was zero thousand. So, I told him that it was actually one thousand after 999. He said his 1000 and then seemed content to stop there.

He’s been doing it more since, but hasn’t gone up quite so high.

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