I (Matt) went on a business trip to China. While I was there I was able to visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tianemen Square and the birds nest stadium.

img_2497.jpg IMG_2461.jpg

The picture on the left is part of the ‘Forbidden City’, which is a huge palace complex. On the right is a statue in Tianemen Square.

IMG_2434.jpg IMG_2408.jpg

If I had less hair would I look like him?


Fish before and after (they got a few out of the trout pond and my host chose the one he liked the look of – it was the one that smiled at him):

PB220411.JPG IMG_2382.jpg

IMG_2377.jpg IMG_2375.jpg


The Great Wall is a truly huge and awesome thing to see.


I can now count to 5, say ‘thank you’, ‘right’, ‘stop’ and ‘hello’ (politely and more casually) in Chinese. Oh and Wan An – Good night.

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