Not quite sure where this week went to…..

We’ve been enjoying some of Bee’s birthday books. Paul Revere’s Ride (with lovely illustrations by Ted Rand) has caught their imagination, and we started Swallowdale tonight. Plus a few chapters from Tree in the Trail, and another Leonardo Da Vinci book. We haven’t done any more from Our Island Story – it has felt quite heavy going somehow. Perhaps because we were going too fast. I think a chapter a week is recommended and we were doing 1 a day. They have been listening lots to Little House on Plum Creek, and Little House in the Big Woods on CD, and we tried to go Red Kite spotting at Wakerley Woods, but by the time we met up with friends we were too distracted to look out for the kites….

Cellar Flood

img_2267.jpg img_2265.jpg

Bee turned 7 last Saturday. We went to visit Granny, stopping on the way at Jimmy’s farm to meet up with Jay. The boys enjoyed running around for an hour despite the rain. Then a birthday tea with Granny and out to fireworks in the, by now, heavy rain. (Littlest is still talking about bubbles, and when questioned it is clear she means fireworks.) Then home again to find the damp theme of the day had continued and our cellar was flooded with 4 inches of water.