The last month or so has been a time of planning how to progress with HE this year. Bee is coming up 7, so it feels like time to start gently easing into year 1 of Ambleside Online (but still using it very loosely). I don’t want to put too much structure in, but a bit of a pattern to our weeks looked like being ” a good idea”.

To start with, I have had to get up earlier in the morning (!) so that we could have our outdoor times in the morning. This leaves us at home in the afternoon so that we can have our main reading time while Littlest sleeps. A good 2 hrs outside seems to make the rest of the day much more productive, and , except for a couple of days, we have done this for the last month.

I’m introducing narration during our reading times, but very slowly. So about once per week atm, usually on something from 50 Famous Stories Retold. It’s not something Bee seems to find very easy, and he needs prompting with questions.

I’m gathering materials for composer and artist study. We have bought the art prints via AO, just because it seemed an easy way to start. We’re starting with Da Vinci, as we have a couple of good children’s books about him, and Chopin. I have found a not-great-but-it-will-do book about Chopin, and still need to see if I can get some CDs from the library. These will be a Monday and Tuesday focus.

Thursday afternoons are for writing a letter to someone, and Friday for a craft project. We’ve almost finished Bee’s paper galleon, and next might try candle making.

Longer books are mostly read by Matt. We have just finished We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea, and before that we read The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. A definite ship theme here!

French still needs to be thought about….

And to help establish some of this I have resorted to making a standard weekly menu plan that we just follow every week. Which feels terribly uninspired, but saves a lot of time.

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