The Last Few Weeks

Matt picked up a Meccano set off ebay, which kept them busy for a day.

img_2127.jpg img_2126.jpg

Above – the finished results of a paper making session with L and X. Plus below a bit of the paper in process.

img_2125.jpg img_2124.jpg

Giving the traction engine a run. JJ was a traction engine rather than a train for the rest of the day.

img_2085.jpg img_2083.jpg

Littlest (we will have to work out something else to call her!) insists on wearing odd shoes most of the time. Granny and Grandad came to stay for a few days.

img_2104.jpg img_2088.jpg

Smoothie lollies outdoors and Bee eating his bread ‘plait’ that he had made.

img_2123.jpg img_2107.jpg

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