Romans at Peterborough Museum

Today was the follow on session on Romans at the museum. The morning session was mostly focused on life as a Roman soldier and then after a picnic lunch the children made clay pots, supposedly coil or thumb pots, but Bee made a tea set for his doll and JJ made jet engines and (not very) light houses. Mip didn’t really make anything, he just explored the clay, as is often his way with these things.

Very amusing photo of man with brush on his head and trumpet coming out of his ear…


He helped some of the children dress up in Roman uniforms and some of the bigger ones marched across the room shouting “left, right” in latin with Roman shields. He also got the bigger children into formation with shields in front and above, so that the little ones could throw rocks (sponge balls) at the older ones.



I also picked up a leaflet for the Cromwell museum at Huntingdon (his birthplace) so we may follow on from seeing The Quarters with a visit to the museum.

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