Out with Granny

We went to deliver the parish newsletter with Granny down a beautiful, tree-lined, drive. Huge Rhodedendron bushes (photos for Grandad). The walk finished here at The Quarters. This house was made famous by Constable (the original is now in Australia). It is so called, because Cromwell’s army was quartered here during the siege of Colchester.

img_2016.jpg img_2017.jpg

I (Matt) am hoping that the new sandpit will work better than the one I sunk into the patio, which just ended up with slugs and other things growing in it. Plus a photo of Isaac flicking through a book in the rocking chair.

img_2011.jpg img_2009.jpg

Finally the boys out on their walk with Granny and the last house we delivered to…

img_2015.jpg img_2013.jpg

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