Isn’t she just like her Mother…

Except that I (Matt) am not talking about our daughter (Littlest), I am talking about Justine. Today we were given a Ceffetera (not sure of the spelling) for making Espresso coffee by some Italian friends of ours. They said that it would need some water boiling through the thing to clean it a bit. So, Justine put it on the hob with some water in and proceeded to boil it. She inspected it at intervals and found that only a little water had passed through. However the result is below, the plastic handle melted and fell off, and the base is very smelly from having boiled dry!


Just to briefly say that Justine’s Mum once did some spectacular melting of plastic kitchenware too!

One thought on “Isn’t she just like her Mother…”

  1. Reminds me of the time I tried to steam a pudding in a pressure cooker. The pudding mix was in a plastic pudding basin which melted through the holes of the trivet underneath it. Yukky mess!

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