East of England Show

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We went because it was free on the Friday and met up with another 5 HE families over lunchtime. While we were there we were introduced to another HE family who have a smallholding (2 acres), so that was a very interesting discussion about small-holdings and how much land to have…

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There were lots of animals to see, whilst being amused at the idea of prize-winning sheep/pigs. Also, steam (traction engines and such like), tractors, chicken runs, horse jumping (with a man commentating in an unintelligible way), dogs rounding up ducks, combine harvesters and falcons flying.

Isn’t she just like her Mother…

Except that I (Matt) am not talking about our daughter (Littlest), I am talking about Justine. Today we were given a Ceffetera (not sure of the spelling) for making Espresso coffee by some Italian friends of ours. They said that it would need some water boiling through the thing to clean it a bit. So, Justine put it on the hob with some water in and proceeded to boil it. She inspected it at intervals and found that only a little water had passed through. However the result is below, the plastic handle melted and fell off, and the base is very smelly from having boiled dry!


Just to briefly say that Justine’s Mum once did some spectacular melting of plastic kitchenware too!

Romans at Peterborough Museum

Today was the follow on session on Romans at the museum. The morning session was mostly focused on life as a Roman soldier and then after a picnic lunch the children made clay pots, supposedly coil or thumb pots, but Bee made a tea set for his doll and JJ made jet engines and (not very) light houses. Mip didn’t really make anything, he just explored the clay, as is often his way with these things.

Very amusing photo of man with brush on his head and trumpet coming out of his ear…


He helped some of the children dress up in Roman uniforms and some of the bigger ones marched across the room shouting “left, right” in latin with Roman shields. He also got the bigger children into formation with shields in front and above, so that the little ones could throw rocks (sponge balls) at the older ones.



I also picked up a leaflet for the Cromwell museum at Huntingdon (his birthplace) so we may follow on from seeing The Quarters with a visit to the museum.

Out with Granny

We went to deliver the parish newsletter with Granny down a beautiful, tree-lined, drive. Huge Rhodedendron bushes (photos for Grandad). The walk finished here at The Quarters. This house was made famous by Constable (the original is now in Australia). It is so called, because Cromwell’s army was quartered here during the siege of Colchester.

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I (Matt) am hoping that the new sandpit will work better than the one I sunk into the patio, which just ended up with slugs and other things growing in it. Plus a photo of Isaac flicking through a book in the rocking chair.

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Finally the boys out on their walk with Granny and the last house we delivered to…

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Last week was Matt’s week away in Hong Kong. It rained all week and Littlest had Roseola, so we stayed at home pretty much all week. But we’ve been out and about lots since then to make up for it. Matt came back Thursday night and on Friday we went to Burleigh, Saturday was the garden day, Sunday was Church with a bring and share lunch, followed by a trip to the little trains. Monday we had a picnic at Ferry Meadows with the local HE group. Tuesday we went for lunch at a friends and today we went to Woolthorpe Manor. This is a National Trust property and the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton and where he ‘discovered’ gravity.

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A friend had organised an educational visit for a group of families. The staff were very good, particularly with the two partially sighted children in the group.

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We had a tour of the house and then spent time in the barn with a variety of science experiments set up to illustrate Newton’s laws.

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Then a picnic in the orchard (though there were no apples on the trees to fall off!) and then on to the activity room to make paper helicopters.

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Then home via Colourstings.

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Finally a picture of Isaac’s book ‘Principia’ and Mip under the apple tree!

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