We had a pleasant morning with S and K over to play, and then in the afternoon I decided to try potty training JJ again. The final score was floor:8 , potty:0. So not very successful. At one point I saw he had done a wee in the playhouse, so I went to get cleaning stuff. I came back, and found he had also now done a poo in the playhouse. I went for more cleaning stuff. When I came back he was crying and screaming because he had tried to pick up a bee and had been stung. As I worked on this one Littlest wobbled on her way out and fell on the patio producing more tears. I almost had everyone back together again when Mip, who was lying on top of the outdoors play car, slid off and landed on his head on the patio…..
However, I did manage to save the bee for later examination, and we were able to see very clearly the pollen baskets on his legs.


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