National Maritime Museum

We almost pulled out of our planned trip to London. We woke up to Radio 4 telling us that today would have the worst ever traffic jams in anticipation of the Easter weekend. But M took no notice and actually the traffic was incredibly quiet and we had a very easy journey.

We met up with M’s Mum and another friend at the Museum and spent a lovely afternoon there. With ships being Bee’s favourite topic, it had to go down well. The Museum is very spacious and it was a quiet afternoon so it was easy on us and the children. (John Holt would approve of the wide-open meeting spaces!) They enjoyed ‘firing’ a cannon, seeing Nelson’s coat ((in)complete with bullet hole), reading more about the slave trade, trying to balance the load in a boat with a crane, and seeing models – large and small – of all sorts of ships, but could have stayed there much longer to do the sections on exploration, and much more.

img_1794.jpg img_1788.jpg

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