A nice quiet back at home day. We went to Church this morning for a family style service. At one point Bee and Mip were out with their group on the stage. JJ was with us at the back of the tiered seating. He climbed down and then lay down on his tummy and crawled commando style along the back row of seats, down the central aisle, past the front seats (narrowly missing being stepped on) and finally made it up to the stage just as the children were asked to come down from it. But he came back beaming and was obviously very pleased with himself. I don’t know whether he was trying not to be noticed, but it was very funny.

We spent the rest of the day in front of the fire eating Simnel cake (only 10 apostles present – not sure what happened there).

Science Museum

Today was a visit to the Science Museum with some of M’s family. It was very busy being Good Friday and a bit overwhelming at times. We took part in a guided talk of the flight hall – going through the history of flight, this was very interesting as we had come across some of this earlier in the week at Duxford. We spent most of our time in the ship gallery (guess who chose that?), which also had the advantage of being relatively quiet. We eventually dragged Bee out and went down stairs for a quick look at space and Rocket.

img_1796.jpg img_1801.jpg

The train journeys were enjoyed too as the boys were able to see Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge.

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img_1810.jpg img_1808.jpg

National Maritime Museum

We almost pulled out of our planned trip to London. We woke up to Radio 4 telling us that today would have the worst ever traffic jams in anticipation of the Easter weekend. But M took no notice and actually the traffic was incredibly quiet and we had a very easy journey.

We met up with M’s Mum and another friend at the Museum and spent a lovely afternoon there. With ships being Bee’s favourite topic, it had to go down well. The Museum is very spacious and it was a quiet afternoon so it was easy on us and the children. (John Holt would approve of the wide-open meeting spaces!) They enjoyed ‘firing’ a cannon, seeing Nelson’s coat ((in)complete with bullet hole), reading more about the slave trade, trying to balance the load in a boat with a crane, and seeing models – large and small – of all sorts of ships, but could have stayed there much longer to do the sections on exploration, and much more.

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Matt was on holiday last week. We began the week at Duxford Imperial War Museum. Mostly very good, but I think some of the war focus in a few of the hangars was a bit much for Bee. But we enjoyed looking at the aircraft and the new ‘hands-on’ gallery, learning about flight.

The boys enjoyed seeing inside Concorde, though Bee was very unsure about going up the stairs to it as these were quite open and he really doesn’t like heights.

We were about to head off to another hangar and asked about how to get there. We were recommended to take the mini-bus, but felt a bit silly when we arrived as it had probably taken us as long to get the buggy (etc.) into the mini-bus as it would have done to walk it. However it was bitterly cold that day

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This is JJ bottle feeding a lamb at the farm. We were there with friends last Friday on his 3rd birthday.

img_1761.jpg img_1763.jpg

Bee and Mip holding chicks at the farm yesterday with our under 8s group.

After a bit of a puzzle pause, JJ has suddenly begun again. Today he brought through the Cars puzzle, and then in the afternoon the solar system puzzle, and this evening he has been working on a book of digger puzzles. (I just love listening to him as he talks to himself ” This piece goes here…maybe not…oh, here it goes….and this one must go there…..and this one can go here….no, it can’t…..here it goes….”.etc etc

Bee and Mip have been drawing Dawn Treader pictures (on chapter 5 now) and they’ve also had the ink stamps out today.

We went over to the play park in the afternoon. Bee was given a disposable camera as part of a birthday present (with the idea of taking winter wildlife photos) and we took that with us. He very much enjoyed finding things to photograph, and had to be persuaded to save some film for later in the week. We’ll take it down to the farm with us on Friday.

And what else today? Maths and poems at lunchtime, …….I think that’s all I can remember of today.

Saturday we spent at the farm with friends; Matt and L busy discussing ideas for the home-ed Wiki Matt is working on. Sunday we were at church in the morning and had plans to go to a wood in the afternoon. But Beth slept at an inconvenient time, and we were less pro-active than was needed, so the children went no further than the garden for an hour or so. We are trying to really prioritise making sure the children are playing outside every day, even if it’s only for an hour.