Mip’s Birthday


The book we had ordered for his present didn’t arrive in time, but yesterday Matt won a Playmobil ship locally on ebay (99p!). So, he went to pick it up, then brought it home and had to work out how to put up the various sails. Mip was so pleased with it. At one point he said ‘This is a great present, I like it even better than cattle.’, which I think is something to do with Laura in ‘On the Banks of Plum Creek’.


Granny came for the afternoon, though I don’t think she saw too much of the children – they were busy playing with the ship and wooden castle blocks that she had brought!

Mip also had ‘Snowflake Bentley’, which is very beautiful and you can see lots of his snowflake photos at http://www.bentley.sciencebuff.org/

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