Monks Wood

Sunday we went for a therapeutic walk in Monks wood. All four children fell asleep on the car journey down, so we took the opportunity to drive around the villages in the North Huntingdon/South Ramsey area, where we would like to move to if Matt’s work stays in the Huntingdon area. But that is all very unsettled at the moment.

img_1642.jpg img_1636.jpg
JJ has been a bit wobbly recently, particularly first thing on a morning. Lots of lying down on the floor and wailing and leaving us to guess what is wrong. But, aside from that he has been having a toddler-book-fest and spends all day bringing us Spot, Maisy, etc. to read to him. None of our boys have ever really attached themselves to a teddy (although Bee had Elaine, his doll), but today JJ has carried his big (about half his size) panda around with him and when he was not carrying it, he tucked it up under a blanket.I realised this evening that he has attached himself to Panda because Maisy has a panda.
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