Natural History Museum


On Thursday we went down to the Museum in London. Two other families came with us and we had a nice time together. The travel was very good as we had some time to talk together, in between reading to the children (Old Ironsides and some Dr Seuss). It made the actual travelling easier too, as we had some help to get our 4 children up and down escalators, stairs etc.

We started off in the part of the museum that is about planet Earth, but found that although some of it was interesting, really it was a bit beyond our boys, because they couldn’t really relate to ideas like erosion, plate tectonics, etc.. They enjoyed finding out about earthquakes, seeing the videos, going in the earthquake room and JJ loved putting his hands on the earthquake table that simulated different strength earthquakes. Also, we saw a piece of moonrock and remembered the Buzz Aldrin book we have, where he says ‘magnificent desolation’.

We had lunch in the picnic area in the basement. Got in there just before 1, when all the school groups were leaving, 5 minutes later that place had been transformed and was much more peaceful (even though there were still a few classes left). It was lovely to see our children playing with A’s three boys (ranging in age from similar age to Bee up to 11). The eldest of A’s boys was very sweetly looking out for JJ when he was wandering.

Spent the rest of the afternoon looking at fish, dinosaurs, mammals and the human body. Oh, and having coffee and cake.

All very tired by the time we arrived home at 9pm, but it had been very worth while.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo below, it is the three boys in front of a growth graph at the museum.
DSC00490 DSC00491

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