The last few weeks have felt like a long uphill struggle – not sure why really, but I expect Beth’s cold and new teeth coming through have contributed. The days have gone by with the usual mix of playing and kitchen table activities. Bee has found an old writing practice work book and has done some of that alongside his usual drawing and colouring. Mip seems to be getting much better at pencil control and has also tried a bit of writing and done quite a bit of drawing. He is enjoying numbers – we sometimes do basic mental addition and subtraction at meal times and he is always faster than Bee. He likes to play on the computer calculator too. He also asks endlessly questions about what letter a word begins with and loves to play I spy at mealtimes. JJ continues to enjoy puzzles. Yesterday he did the pirate puzzle on his own for the first time. It has a hundred pieces, and Bee and Mip haven’t done it on their own yet.

Today the under 8s group met at our house and one lady brought her ‘book stall’. She had a good selection and we bought ‘Fox in Socks’, a how-to-draw book, a story based around Monet’s garden, a build-a-skeleton book and a seven continents jigsaw book.

I thought Bee would be too young for the drawing book, but he and Matt had a great time with it until it was time to go out to House group.


Littlest can do two steps at a time and has five teeth now. She is just starting to eat again after having a two week break. Today she crawled backwards off our bed (safely and intentionally) and she climbs up onto sofas on her own. I have a new sling for her so that I can carry her on my back. She likes it and so do I as I can cook, clean etc. with her on board.

Bee and Mip made themselves glasses from pipe cleaners.

Bee’s picture of an aeroplane:

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