a week and a half behind…..

however, the last 10 days haven’t been too eventful, just peaceful, pottering days. Most of them have consisted of a morning spent on kitchen table activities, and an afternoon at the park. Bee has a new dot-to-dot book which arrived yesterday and he spent at least 4 hours on it (it’s a big book). Other days he has spent hours felt-tipping “stained glass window” pictures. (so we went in to see the windows in the cathedral on Monday). JJ spends much of his time around the table doing puzzles, and Mip sits with Bee talking to him and watching him.
Last Friday we went to the farm – a friend had organised a tractor ride for her 4 year old’s birthday, so we had a lovely time there. (although JJ decided to walk into a pond. Fortunately it was warm enough for him to spend the rest of the day in Bee’s jumper and a nappy)
Littlest still isn’t eating much, but loves to talk, and can spend a whole day saying “da da da” and ” ma ma ma”. She can stand now and can do stairs very competently (which really means that despite often finding the stair gate left open she hasn’t had any tumbles yet…)

Today….this morning was spent dot-to dotting, with a bit of reading – The Drinking Gourd, about the underground railroad for escaping slaves in the States. We also enjoyed watching a squirrel which spent much of the morning burying our walnuts in the planters just below our kitchen windows. I couldn’t find the camera though. But lovely to watch from just a few inches away. A trip to the park this afternoon, followed by Colourstrings. Encouraging to see Bee progressing each week and getting things he hadn’t quite got the week before. More reading after tea – The Ox Cart Man arrived in the post and is a beautiful book, plus My Hen is Dancing and The Patchwork Cat. Matt played Katamino with them.

The shop front is still being painted (dark green) and the sitting room’s new plaster is being painted on wet days. Matt has sealed the kitchen worktops – one of those left over jobs. And our garden seems to have shrunk and suddenly just isn’t big enough for them anymore. Bee has also discovered football. I really think we’re going to have to find somewhere with more outside space soon.

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