A nice easy-going day, helped I think by staying up till the small hours to tidy up. We read the easter story this morning in the Jan Pienkowski book (which is in the King James version, but this never seems to be noticed by the boys) and also St George and the Dragon. Then a session of sliding down the stairs and then while Beth slept we all did the pirate puzzle (100 pieces, so they need some help with it), followed by more puzzles, bead pictures and colouring while I baked scones. We were late to Colourstrings, even after Bee spent all day looking at the clock and asking if it was time to get ready yet. We’re still having our own private family lesson (!) though there are some possibilities of other children now. Bee is much more confident now in the classes and will sing out loud , albeit quietly. We finished watching our Galapagos programme over tea. Incredible place. JJ was funny with the pirate puzzle. We left it out on the table, and twice he took it apart and rebuilt it a piece at a time so that he could do it by himself.

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