another catch-up…

Sunday – again only Matt and the bigger 2 went to church as JJ and Littlest both slept in until 10.00!

Sunday afternoon went to the little trains. Haven’t been there in a long time. It was as relaxing as ever.

In the evening Matt lit the 1st fire of the autumn and we introduced Bee and Mip to hot chocolate. They were so excited and kept saying “these are our 1st ever hot chocolates”.

img_1457.jpg img_1458.jpg

img_1459.jpg img_1460.jpg

Yesterday we were back at Wimpole Home Farm, this time with the company of S and K,
and A and his 3 boys. A damp drizzly day, but not wet enough to need to keep inside. This time we also went to see the dairy and went up to the loft in 1 of the barns where they have some books, puzzles and toys all with a farm theme. And we also went and looked at the walled garden – the old kitchen garden. This was huge and quite incredible. But we were all flagging by now so stopped off at the tea shop…..a very sensible place with bead tables and children’s books provided to keep children quietly occupied while the grown-ups sip their tea.

img_1461.jpg img_1468.jpg


And then today has been 1 of those days that disappears with things like shopping, taking a parcel to the P.O., returning library books (more fines!). Matt has taken the boys over to the park for football and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to the piles of laundry, or my “to do” list. At meal times today we’ve been watching some nature programmes Matt had downloaded. A short one on tawny owls in the Forest of Dean, and then a longer one showing lions, rhino’s and elephants in the desert. And the start of one on the Galapagos Islands. +

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