Spiders and Airplanes

The morning was spent at the dentist.

I’ve been reading a book on nature study which I picked up at Cefn Lea last week. So, this afternoon we picked out a chapter on spiders and read that (we have lots of baby spiders in our cellar). We also picked daisies and dandelions when we went to the park with a view to drawing them later, but we ran out of time to do that.

The boys also found an Easter sticker book on the shelf which they spent some time doing and we read it when they had finished the stickers. I suspect it came from Granny – I never see these books arriving in the Granny bag, but Bee keeps finding new ones on the shelf…

The boys have been building lego aircraft. Bee told me that the French for airplane is avior. I explained that it is avion, to which he replied ‘well I say avior’. However in a few weeks we are starting french ‘lessons’ with a friend so hopefully he will take more note of her than he does me!

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