Out and About

We seem to have been out do much over the weekend there hasn’t been time to record anything. Briefly, this is what we have been up to…

Friday – We went with the local HE group to a small organic farm, which also has three wind turbines. We had a short tractor ride and an enthusiastic talk by the farmer. We also bought four fresh-picked organic corn-cobs, much cheaper than Tesco’s. Then a food shop in the afternoon and then to house group.

img_1399.jpg img_1402.jpg


Saturday – To Sacrewell for the annual food and farming weekend. I think there was less there than previous years, but we enjoyed demonstrations of thatching, basket making, spinning, ploughing, smithying and a hilarious duck-dog demonstration (sheep couldn’t be transported in for this due to restrictions!).

The boys made bread in the old bakery and we contemplated buying tea and scones, but it at £2 per scone it seemed a bit excessive, especially when I knew I had seven home made ones in the freezer.

Over tea we almost finished watching the last night of the Proms.

Sunday – Church in the morning, off to Hinchingbrooke Country Park with HE/Church friends for a picnic and Honey ‘festival’ by the Cambridgeshire Bee Keeping Association. The boys made beeswax candles, watched a demonstration in which an apiary (beehive) was taken apart.


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