We decided this morning to start reading ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, so after breakfast they had the first chapter, which they loved.

A morning of cleaning and tidying and then we went this afternoon to the farm. It turned out to be a 1940s/wartime weekend at Nene Valley Railway, so the Route Master Bus was linking the farm to the railway. We immediately got on the bus and rode to the railway and back, which is something the boys were desperate to do the last time we were at the farm. That only left an hour at the farm, but we pottered pleasantly.

Home again. JJ and Mip both fell apart at the beginning of tea and we had ten minutes of non-stop wailing from both of them (in fact I think the same thing happened at breakfast). Not sure what happened to Mip, JJ was just being two.

Then after tea Matt read chapter two of TLTW&TW to Mip and Bee. He paused part way through the chapter to get a drink and when he came back Bee was unsure of keeping reading. They finished the chapter and Bee decided that he didn’t want to carry on reading the book. The chapter is about Lucy meeting Mr Tumnus and how Mr T. lulls her to sleep and then when she wakes he says that he has been a bad faun as he intended to let the witch have her. Lucy helps him see he must not to do it and goes back to our world. Maybe Bee was unsure because of the negative elements of the story? He is so sensitive to things like this. We have a fairy tales story tape, which he never likes to have on, and a copy of Jack and the Beanstalk, which has to stay on the top shelf because he doesn’t like the pictures. He wasn’t keen on Where The Wild Things Are for quite a while, though Mip loved it.

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