This morning we were at P’s house for play and lunch – very therapeutic as always. Then we came home and made walnut cookies ( the recent strong winds have brought done much of this year’s crop already), and Bee spent an hour or so in a Richard Scarry activity book. I love the way he compliments himself at regular intervals – he’ll look up and say “I’m so good at dot-to dots” or “I’m doing this so neatly” or “This is almost like being a real artist”. Although I happily make encouraging noises to these, I generally just let him carry on without making any comment. One of the things I don’t like about school is how everything is subject to a teacher’s approval (or disapproval) and marked, and so the child doesn’t really learn to assess his own work for himself. Or to just do it for it’s own enjoyment. I still remember a picture a friend drew in our reception year – he drew the sea and the sky, and as they met in the middle he ended up with a totally blue page. When the teacher saw it she was very cross and tore it out and told him to do it again. Terrible!
Anyway… Mip also did some bits in another Scarry book, JJ did some puzzles, and Beethoven was in the background.

Yesterday afternoon was similar. The boys painted, and we played our animal soundtracks game and letter lotto, this time with Schubert. In the evening Matt went to a talk about Wilberforce, and came back regretting not having taken Bee, as some h.e. friends had been there with all 4 of their children (same ages as ours) and their eldest is a favourite of Bee’s. At one time we were more proactive about taking our children along to evening meetings, but we haven’t done so recently. Partly logistics, but also partly my feeling that people might disapprove. Just chicken really.

Littlest can clap now, and climb stairs. Saturday I let her climb them, with me just behind her, which she did, but it took a long time. Sunday she escaped supervision, and was found at the top of the stairs giggling away and looking oh so pleased with herself. Now she hangs hopefully around the bottom stairgate waiting for Bee to open it . Which he does, later explaining “but she didn’t fall and she was so happy…” Matt also says that she can say “Dada”.

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