On my own in France (with several children!)

A quieter day. Matt had to work in the morning, so he went off to catch a train and I took the children over to the park. The parkland here is very extensive, and runs on to a chateau , the grounds of which are free to walk in, but we ran out of time to explore it. We met Matt back at the hotel mid-afternoon and then all went back to the park for the evening with a picnic tea. Mip happily chatted away to the french children, totally unaware that they couldn’t understand him. We went for a walk through the woodland, but it was very slow as JJ wanted to stop every few paces to pick up a stone and put in his pocket (it was the getting the stone into his pocket each time that was so slow). The weather stayed beautiful all the way through – about as hot as it can be without being just too much.

img_1197.jpg img_1199.jpg

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