Last day in Paris

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Matt was working again, so the children and I were back at the park for the morning. I spent the morning being chatted to by a very sweet but overly affectionate Algerian in a mixture of french and english, and the boys played. Back to the hotel to meet Matt, and then back to the station for one last visit. We wanted to go back and let the boys have a proper boat to sail on the fountain. Much happiness all round, especially when the man gave us a second boat for free (he saw that Mip wasn’t getting much of a go at the one that Bee was using – however when Mip had his own, he still didn’t want to do much with it, so Matt enjoyed that one). I sat at the edge to feed Littlest while Matt helped the boys. A slightly alarming moment as I saw JJ climb onto the edge to sit with his feet over the water and then drop his cup in. Matt was busy with the others, and it was too far across for me to call. I was waiting for JJ to jump in after his cup (which he always carries around with him) but fortunately he was noticed and a crowd of helpful people swooped in and rescued the cup, at which point Matt came back.

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Then a picnic tea, back down to the Carrousel du Louvre for toilets, and a wander back past assorted grand buildings to the station. On the walk back it was slightly raining, but not too bad, so we wandered down the side of the Louvre and down a few more streets. On the way we realised it would be too far to walk to Notre Dame (we needed to make sure we save some of Paris for another time), so we headed into Forum Les Halles. This is an underground shopping centre, but was closed by this time in the evening.

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Managed to all get home (together) uneventfully this time!

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