Coming home

We had to be out of the hotel by eleven. I’m not very good with deadlines, so it was a bit of a stressful morning. We were ready by 11:30, but this time we made sure we had good directions for the journey back around Paris. It was much easier this time, but very slow as the ring road was barely moving. Fortunately the children were all asleep or content and the car has air-con. We eventually stopped for diesel only to discover that we had no fuel cap. I must have left it at the garage in Rouen on the way into Paris. A little later we stopped for a lunch/play break and then finished our journey to Le Havre. We had an hour before we needed to get to the ferry, so we stopped at the beach for a quick play. The boys loved this and Mip and Bee were very confident in the sea. Bee was very unhappy to have to leave and fought us most of the way back to the ferry. The ferry this time was much emptier, we had taken more for the boys to do and the play area was much less busy, so the journey back passed quickly and easily.

img_1228.jpg img_1233.jpg

Then the final long drive back to Peterborough. I had planned to drive as Matt had done all the driving in France, but we only got as far as the Dartford crossing before the children started to wake up/cry/wet themselves, so Matt took over the driving and I took over the children. Home about four-ish.

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