catching up again….

Sunday – a bit far back to remember, but the space shuttle puzzle was made, and Matt and Bee worked on their model house.

Monday – J and I had planned to go to the Garden of Surprises at Burghley, but it looked as if it was going to rain, and the forecast I looked at suggested rain, so we decided to just drop by to Ferry Meadows instead and save Burghley for a better day. Wrong decision. It was beautifully warm and sunny and we ended up coming home after our picnic because I hadn’t taken Littlest a sunhat .

Tuesday – “socialisation” today. K and H came to play in the morning and J and D came in the afternoon. H and the boys looked at aeroplane books. D came with a lovely children’s Ikea storage unit they have grown out of. Littlest spent the day balancing on her hands and knees ( and sometimes hands and feet) and looking incredibly pleased with herself. She also sat up in her high chair for mashed banana, and we got out her 6 month clothes. Finished the day with playdough and Brahms. ( which only means it was on in the background. I tell the boys who wrote the music, and we listen out for an instrument or 2, and then it’s just left on. I don’t want to give the false impression that we all sit carefully listening !!)

Wednesday – sponge painting in the morning (or “spudge” as JJ calls it), followed by Magnetix and playdough. Continued in the afternoon, while listening to some Tchaikovsky and the rest of Wind in the Willows. Also made bread and ice cream. (I’m getting the hang of bread now by using the bread maker to make the dough and then cooking it in our oven.) Today we made a bread plait.

Thursday – This morning JJ came in to the kitchen with the post and a big smile on his face – Granny had sent a bus post card. So the morning began with making bus pictures, and moved on to pictures of other things. We listened to Postman Pat (!) and a Bruch violin concerto. Then Magnetix and Fuzzy Felts. This afternoon we were visited by S and K, who are going to be sharing a chalet with us at Cefn Lea. K (girl) is 8. We made some fairy cakes together as the children were all a bit shy, and then they all headed into the garden. It POURED with rain, and they all decided it was fun to stay out and got totally drenched. We left them to it as they seemed to be getting on well. K went home in some borrowed boys hand-me downs that Bee hasn’t grown in to yet! Bee was a bit stroppy tonight, probably because he hasn’t seen Matt for 3 days. He comes back from Spain late tonight.

I’ve been reading “Not on the Label” which L lent me. Did you know that chicken for use by caterers is often injected with a mixture of nasties, including beef or pork proteins,to enable the chicken to hold up to 50% water? Who thinks these things up?! Having read about the conditions of the migrant workers picking the salad and veggies, and being constantly frustrated at how much plastic our food comes in, I think we’re just going to have to make the jump to using a box scheme. And using Sainsbury’s where necessary instead of Tesco’s.

Photo’s of the boys to follow when Matt gets back…..

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