another 2 weeks have gone by. the weather has been wet every day, so we haven’t been out so much. it has been easier to be at home and for the boys to play in the garden and then quickly rush in when a shower comes. today though we had a muddlepuddle picnic planned, so we spent 3 hours at central park. it only rained briefly and the boys had a lovely time playing with friends. matt was at home today, after having spent the last few days in holland, and he spent the afternoon putting up the wires for the curtains in the playroom while j. mac painted it. (yellow). i’m so looking forward to it being finished and gaining some more shelf space. this week we’ve also had picture rail put up in the sitting room, and had pipes in the hall boxed in.

i’ve re-read libby puves’ “one summer’s grace over the last few weeks, and matt finished “mister god this is anna”. bee continues to listen to a little house story tape daily.

and we’ve been doing lots of h.e. reading and thinking, and trying to decide whether we will be starting the ambleside online curriculum when bee is 6, or waiting a bit longer. Eventually we decided we are still more convinced by the arguments for leaving formal education until at least 7, so we’ll be carrying on as we are for now. i discovered a piece of paper in my file yesterday from maybe 6 months ago where i had written down all the same questions and ideas that we have just gone through – i should have just re-read it and saved lots of reading and thinking time!

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