I’ve lost another two weeks on the blog, partly due to Matt being in Spain for a week. I’m not sure what we’ve been doing, but we’ve been out and about most days, taking a picnic and some books with us. We’ve been up to the farm, twice on the NVR railway, Granny has visited, we’ve run around activity world, been to a wedding and a first birthday party, spent a whole day cleaning the house…

Electronics kit…
img_1105.jpg img_1106.jpg

This weekend: a parcel arrived first thing Saturday morning – a basic electronics kit Matt had ordered for the boys, so that began the morning. We then decided to pack up a picnic and go to Ikea via a country park. We weren’t completely sure the shelving we wanted for the playroom would fit in the car with all the children in, but we did find curtains for the playroom, which was the main reason for going. Matt can pick up the shelves another time.

Stanwick lakes – two weeks ago…

img_1083.jpg img_1084.jpg

img_1080.jpg img_1081.jpg

After a late night last night we ended up missing church this morning, which Bee was upset about. Bee is very settled there and loves his group. We distracted him by watching Blue Planet and then spent the afternoon playing with the electronics kit and taking the new ‘Rokit’ over to the park (in the pouring rain).

A very quick catch up (Matt was away last week in Hungary and Slovakia, and the evenings were too long to leave time for much by the time I had got them all to sleep, cleared up, and got ready for the next day…)

last Sunday – we had friends to lunch. Bee and their 6 year old daughter spent the afternoon making perfume out of rose petals.

Monday – Matt had a day off and we went to Houghton Mill (pronounced Ho -ton ) with 4 other families. It’s a National Trust place, and as we have group educational membership they opened for us and gave us a “tour”.

Tuesday – lunch and play at J, F and T’s. JJ tired and Littlest a bit unsettled but a lovely morning anyway.

Wednesday – We planned to go on the NVR railway, but I couldn’t find the membership cards, so we went to Ferry Meadows instead.

Thursday – pottered locally. play area, charity shop (found A Tale of Two Bad Mice and a Dr Seuss, both on tape)

Friday – spent the day at the farm with another HE family. Beautiful day, lots of chatting. Came home and made scones with our Houghton Mill flour.

Saturday – Matt came back with a bug. While he spent the morning recovering I assembled our ant world and discovered how difficult it is to catch ants (unharmed). Matt had bought the boys a loom kit, so in the afternoon he began that with them and showed us the photographs he had taken.

Sunday – Church in the morning. Matt tried to catch more ants in the afternoon. We have about 10 now. 25 – 40 are recommended.

Monday – J and I took the children to Stanwick Lakes with the EO group. Lots of water, sand and climbing. The children loved it, though it was so busy trying to watch them all it was difficult to stop and chat to people. Pictures to follow when Matt has time.

Today – lots of parcels this morning. Our local e-bay seller brought some books over so we read some of those this morning, and then I motored through as much laundry and tidying as I could before heading over to Ferry Meadows this afternoon. The parcels also included a new buggy snuggle which is gorgeous and fits JJ much better than the baby cosy-toes, and a new drink bottle for Bee, which he carried around with him all day.